by Almea Matanock
Stefanie Beninato
A Well-Born Guide
Have Ph.D., Will Travel
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Some Visitor Comments:

Going on your tour is like reading a book only more fun.
M. Fernandez (Jewish Legacy tour)

I would follow you anywhere.
S. CaJacob (multiple tours)

We thoroughly enjoyed the Jewish Legacy tour last week. You are extremely knowledgable, well-spoken and engaging. If you can keep the attention of two fourteen year-old girls, you have to be good.
Ivy Stern (Jewish Legacy in NM tour)

I wanted to let you know how special you made the trip to NM. I enjoyed everything that you taught us and was happy that you were there to guide our expedition.
Tom Temko (multiday trip)

It was a great tour! You were delightful to listen to and I appreciated the truth of your stories--no made up frills for the tourists.
Anita Fisher (Ghost tour)

The garden tour is fabulous. We would never have discovered these places on our own.
Alicia Hernandez (Garden tour)

Your ghost tour is so much better than the other two companies' ones we were on. You don't use gimmicks--just good stories. My children were interested the whole time.
Angela Lopez (Ghost tour)

I wanted to let you know how wonderful and magical the experience of Chaco Canyon was for me. You helped make it so.
Fradi Spilberg (day trip to Chaco Canyon)

All three days were fabulous!
Tannis Kobrinsky (multi-day tour)

Many thanks for your expert guidance. See you again next year.
Sherwin (multi-day Act I opera/arts tour)

Thanks for sharing your energy and enthusiasm and knowledge so generously.
Mike and Gigi Halloran (multi-day art centered tour)

I don't like history, but you make it come alive.
Rebecca Dawson (Jewish Legacy tour)

You were our hands-down number one choice.
There was no comparison between you and the other guides listed.

Bev Schwartz (two-day private tour)

You're the best storyteller since Garrison Keillor!
Tom Higgins (Ghost tour)

I can hardly wait to go home and tell my friends about your tour.
Barbara Edelman (Jewish Legacy tour)

I love going on tours and you're one of the best guides I have ever had!
Bob Rodriquez (overview tour)

Thank you so much for sharing with us your wonderful knowledge and insights into Santa Fe and its immense history.... We appreciated the way you wove the historical and architectural context with the faith stories of the various churches.
Regina Roman (private multiday lecture/tour)

You're a well of information. We couldn't think of one question, you couldn't answer and we tried!!
Leslie Trennert (ovierview tour)

I think I believe in ghosts now.
Mattie McKenzie (8 y.o.) (Ghost tour)

It was enlightening and entertaining.
Stanley Mercer (Artists and Acequia tour)

I live here and have never noticed the places you point out on the tour. It is a great tour even for residents!
Barbara Patronino (Artists and Acequia tour)

I never went on a tour with a guide before. Now I would want to do this everywhere I visit.
Wendy Olsen (overview tour)

Enjoyed your humor and irony and above all, your tremendous knowledge.
David and Hazel Solomen (private multiday tour)